Duo Darsan

Saveria Savidya Shukantala, artist.

For over fifteen years has practiced meditation and is interested in eastern disciplines. Studied in London where she began to get closer to eastern philosophies.

Travelled a lot and came in contact with the culture of the different countries, thus acquiring familiarity and knowledge of traditions and religions. Spent time in various Ashram in Southern India; in these spiritually highly qualified contexts, she learned lessons that led to a discernment of a unique density and depth.

She met Krsna Prema das in Italy through devotee friends and together they develop the desire to use music to give KC to everyone; so the DARSAN musical and theatrical duo was born. - www.savidya.com

Krsna Prema das, professional musician.

Well known for his devotional music production. Long time devotee, has alway’s try to use new technology to create sound to give people a different musical experience, He has develop his own instrument, in particular the Trikanta Venna, and The Shyama Trikanta.

Leader of the team that made the Vedic Expo Experience in Delhi. Thanks to devotee friend met Saveria Savidya Shukantala in Italy and thank to the common interest in music and the science of Bhakti, the DARSAN project was form.